So yesterday Obama made a comment off-mike which was picked up by reporters and fed into the gaping maw of the 24 hour news cycle. Basically he called Kanye West a “Jackass” for his boorish behavior at the MTV Music Awards (or some other pointless award show I pay no attention to).

But, as usual, what the press and our general society finds interesting in the comment is not the same thing I noticed. What I noticed has gone virtually unnoticed by the nattering classes.

Here’s what Obama said AFTER his “Jackass comment.” (This is not a direct quote, I’m doing it from memory, but it’s close enough).

“Where’s the pool? [He means the “Press Pool” and this question indicates that he realized that his mike was probably live when he made the “jackass” comment.] Hey guys, cut the President some slack, I’ve got a lot going on.”

Italics are mine.

Seriously, the man, in a moment of unguarded, off-the-cuff commenting refers to himself as “the President”?

Can you imagine if Bush had done this? Have you ever heard of ANYONE referring to himself this way?

“Hey guys, cut the pitcher some slack here, it’s hard to throw strikes all the time.”
“Hey you, cut the administrative assistant some slack here, I’ve got a lot to keep track of.”
“Hey guys, cut the CEO some slack here, I’ve got to meet with the Board later.”

The closest thing I can even come up with is the “Jimmy” role in Seinfeld who always referred to himself in third person (but not ROYAL third person). “Jimmy is getting angry!” etc…

As with all things Obama, it is in his unguarded moments that he reveals the most about himself.

What this reveals to me is that the man is an out of control megalomaniac who actually THINKS of himself as “the President“. I sincerely think he looks at himself in the mirror after shaving and thinks (or even says) Hey there Mr. President….

We are in for a long 3.5 years folks.