… on Cutler…

LOL, just kidding. It’s just one game.

I wasn’t able to watch the game, I was in a major deployment effort this weekend (probably worked 12 hrs a day or more Sat and Sun), and we didn’t wrap up until the Bears game was over.

What I find really interesting is that when I first checked ESPN on the game recap, they had four or five paragraphs detailing Cutler’s difficulties, including missing snaps from center, throwing into double or triple coverage, having the four interceptions and other things.

Then my computer crashed (as it does so frequently) and when I got back on and went back to that page, all that was gone, replaced with a bland commentary mostly focused on the other team, with only a bare mention of Cutler’s four interceptions.

I strongly suspected a Jay Cutler cult at ESPN, now I am 100% convinced that it’s real. Some editor read that and said “SHIT! That doesn’t fit the narrative!!” I am guessing the reporter who first did the recap is now covering curling or something.