(AP photo, by the way)

So here is how a President deals with a gaffe… A few beers, a “friendly camaraderie” and hopefully the polls will stop falling.

How much more compelling can the comparisons between this President and Jimmy Carter get? Reportedly he had a lunch with some CEOs of major corporations and made them PAY for their lunch. The last President to be so churlish? Jimmy Carter. Do you suppose Obama makes Acorn pay for lunch? Or his Hollywood pals?

This kabuki theater on display is so revealing about Obama on so many levels. It’s all for the camera, it’s all to make “Joe Public” think Obama’s really a good ol’ dude, look he’s hefting a Bud Lite! He’s channeling John Madden!

Besides the monumental cynicism this reveals about the man, I can’t help but be reminded of Hillary knocking back shots in an Irish bar.

Bottom line? The man is still campaigning. That’s all he knows about politics is how to campaign.

I would be willing to bet that he doesn’t even like Bud Lite.

But my favorite part of this? JOE BIDEN! He wasn’t even mentioned in the press releases or the lead up. It’s like he was hanging around the Oval Office and heard about the event. “Beer? You guys gonna go have a beer? Hey, can I join you? I got some great stories! Oh come on guys! Please! Pretty please!?”

I can just imagine Obama’s thoughts. “Joe and Beer and Cameras. Oh my.”

Then you have Joe and Obama in shirtsleeves while Gates and Crowley are in suits. THAT’S real relaxed. Can you say “awkward”… Who drinks beer in suits anyway? This whole thing is just silly.