Remember a few weeks ago when I asked if Obama had reached his tipping point?

Well, even then his overall approval numbers were in the mid 50s. As of today they dropped to 49%. And that probably doesn’t show much impact from “GatesGate,” the Hahvahd Professor who was arrested for disorderly conduct being black.

With his signature health care legislation now threatening to tear a rift in the Democrat party, and with his effort to sell the country on health care turning into a national debate on race relations, it is hard to see his approval going higher anytime soon.

I had predicted that Obama’s administration would become ineffective by August 31. I’m gonna stick with that prediction. By then, if this country has any sense whatsoever, we should see Cap and Tax go down in flames in the Senate and Obamacare getting nerfed to near pointlessness in the House, and most of the folks in Congress will no longer fear Obama’s “mandate” and instead many will be actively distancing themselves from him in order to get re-elected in 2010.

I hope so anyway. But I’m an optimist, so I’m predicting Obama’s complete fall into irrelevence by then.

I gotta have something to keep me going. 🙂