Ted Kennedy’s health condition has worsened.

Ailing Sen. Ted Kennedy may not return to the Senate, and speculation is brewing that the veteran Democratic lawmaker is setting up his wife, Vicki, to succeed him, according to a report in the Boston Herald Friday.

The article quoted friends of the family who said the Massachusetts senator’s brain cancer has worsened and that he is resting at an undisclosed location in Florida.

I have a vague recollection of “meeting” Ted Kennedy during a trip to Washington DC I took (along with Dadman and a couple of other posters here as coincidence would have it) as part of the “Close-Up” program that brings High School kids to Washington to see how the government works. We spent most of a week in DC and had opportunities to meet our state representatives and had prepared sessions with several parts of the government, including the House, Senate and Supreme Court.

That was over 30 years ago, and back then Teddy Kennedy was still a “young lion.” As I recall Kennedy was one of the Senators who briefly addressed the assembled Close-Up group before we were separated into sub-groups to meet more directly with our local representation.

I will admit that I have never liked Teddy Kennedy. I don’t like him on a political or a personal level. It is my firm conviction that Teddy Kennedy is a flagrant and compelling example of everything that is wrong with American politics, from the fundamental corruption and coverup of the famous Chappequidik affair, to the cozy relationships with lobbyists and the expansion of personal wealth while in office all the way to his championing of a populist version of socialism which has steadily drowned our country in a sea of debt attempting to “solve” fundamental social problems that government simply doesn’t have the power to solve.

But I still wish the best for him and hope that he is as comfortable and lucid as possible. I’ve seen cancer kill and I don’t wish that on anyone, not even my most profound political opponents.