Heh, I see someone agrees with me on at least ONE point of style.

Pajamas Media » Lose the Pointy Shoes, Guys
All in all, it’s a tough time to be a guy. And yet …

Sympathy would be easier to find if men didn’t participate in their own demise. It’s sad, really, this new form of sartorial self-flagellation.

It all began with Santa and the elves. You see, Santa used to wear shiny black work boots. Form met function. He paired the ensemble with a snappy red pajamas number and black belt. The rosy cheeks were cherubic and balanced with a frightening amount of facial hair. The elves used to be tough, too. They wore earth tones and manly boots. Sure, they’re diminutive, but they’re hard workers. Burly little union guys, proud of their workshops and their products, they were manly men.

That all changed with pointy-toed shoes. I don’t know if it was Mrs. Claus or maybe technology and bad ideas finally reached the North Pole, but whatever it was, it was not good. Santa and his tiny minions decided to go for elf slippers. Elf slippers were okay in fairy tales and Nordic history, but Santa?

Now, I am surprised that this is new. I noticed this pointy toed fetish over a year ago when I was shopping for new shoes to have a decent business ensemble for job interviews as I was contemplating leaving my old job. At the time I found myself actually laughing out loud at shoes with absurdly pointed toes. I also thought they looked like elf shoes.

You won’t catch me wearing anything with pointy toes unless it’s part of a cowboy boot. And even then I prefer the square-toed model of cowboy boot since I don’t actually ride horses much. (The pointy toe of a cowboy boot is specifically designed to make it as easy as possible to get a boot in a stirrup.)

Pointy toed shoes and the demise of masculinity… yeah, I see the connection.