I’m a big fan of Dilbert….


In my last job we had a daily meeting called a “scrum” meeting. It was part of a desire to have more flexible software development processes. The idea was to have a daily meeting where all the key parties were together. Sometimes this is called a “stand-up meeting” because the idea is that if you make everyone stand up, it will be more efficient since everyone will want to get it over with quickly.

Anyway, the format of the meeting was to have the “chickens” and the “pigs” together, and yes we did use exactly this analogy. In fact our scrum leader brought chicken and pig toys and put them on the table to remind us of the analogy.

I find these sorts of things to be amusing but harmless and might even provide a bit of levity in an otherwise stressful situation, but I do have to say it is amazing how deeply silly corporate life can be.

There was a book out about a decade ago called “Who Moved My Cheese” that was purchased in bulk by corporations (including the one I worked at) and handed out to managers by HR with all the seriousness of handing out a benefits package handbook. I literally sat down and heard Harvard MBAs rave about how “wise” the book was.

It was a silly, infantile book. And the idea that the “lessons” in that book were “wisdom” to such people was one of the first things that made me realize that upper executive management is just as silly and foolish as any other group of human beings. Dilbert gets this and lampoons it very effectively.