Or is this AP article just another discordant note in the symphony of negativity directed at Sarah Palin by the MSM?

The article feels like another hit piece to me, but I’m concerned there may be some truth to it. There is little doubt Palin has energized the conservative base, including myself, but what are moderate swing voters thinking? Will the growing perception she may not be ready to be POTUS become a significant liability to McCain when all those essential independent voters pull the lever on November 4th? We’ll see. I can tell you I’ll be watching the VP debate closely this Thursday…

ASSOCIATED PRESS – Palin losing luster with party
WASHINGTON — Has Sarah Palin become a liability for Republican vice presidential candidate John McCain? Since joining his ticket, the overnight political celebrity has seen the shine come off her poll standings and doubts surface among some conservatives once excited about her vice presidential candidacy.

The Alaska governor still draws huge crowds and energizes McCain’s drive for the White House. Yet in a whirlwind month after he made her his running mate, Palin is starting to seem very, very vulnerable.