So, for those of you who continue to believe that Obama can’t win this election….

FOX News/Rasmussen Poll: Obama Gains Ground in Battleground States – Elections
Barack Obama has gained ground in five new state polls — Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia — compared to previous Fox News/Rasmussen Reports polls.

In Pennsylvania, Obama now leads by eight percentage points, 50% to 42%.

In Virginia, it’s Obama 50% and John McCain 47%.

The candidates are within a single point of each other in Colorado (Obama 49%, McCain 48%), Florida (Obama 47%, McCain 47%), and Ohio (McCain 48% Obama 47%).

I still don’t see how he can lose.

This country wants Obama. What that says about this country is another thing. But it is clear that this country is no longer a country proud of its heritage, proud of its actions and looking toward a bright future. Obama’s entire campaign is about America being a flawed, failed enterprise that needs to be “fixed” and whose citizens are desperately in need of an education in what is “right.”

And he’s winning. He’s winning with a campaign of platitudes and lectures about how America sucks and always has sucked.

Face it folks, that’s the sort of attitude that appeals to a majority of Americans.

It has been said that nations get the government they deserve. The way things are looking, this country deserves all the Obama it can stomach.