One of the themes in Bush’s State of the Union speech tonight was the need to break our “addiction to oil.” He mentioned clean coal power plants, wind energy and nuclear energy as three of the ways to do that.

Nuclear energy is the only one that has any real shot at generating the amount of energy needed for this nation’s rapacious appetite for energy. Coal has its own limitations, and wind energy is Sierra Club fantasy stuff.

He did not mention fusion, something I considered to be a significant omission. He hinted that we were on the verge of breakthroughs, but the areas he mentioned, other than nuclear, were all quite conventional. I just don’t see how ethanol is going to solve our fuel problems.

I have not dug very far into the latest progress in fusion research, it’s probably a good time to do that again. In many ways I have come to believe that the future of the human race depends heavily on our ability to harness fusion energy. For most of my life we have been “30 years away” from fusion. Sooner or later that number should drop to at least “29.”