This was not one of President Bush’s best performances, but it was solidly on point on most of the key things he needed to say. His defense of the NSA surveillance was probably the high point of the speech. His conclusion seemed rushed though, and it wasn’t clear where he was going for a minute, and the effort to soar at the end sort of stalled.

But overall it was a decent job, better than I could do I ‘m sure. I chuckled every time he said “nuclear.” It seemed that he tried so hard to pronounce it “new clear” instead of “nuke ular” that he sort of stumbled over it. He stumbled over a lot of words, but that’s not unusual for him. Whatever else you say about GW, he is not the most eloquent speaker, he is definitely more of a doer. We had eight years of eloquent speaking without doing, and I know which one I prefer.