I just attempted to post a message on Daily KOS on a thread on the Alito confirmation. I guess the moderators didn’t like my messages because they deleted them. I finally posted the most innocuous message I could think of to try to make my point and it was still there a minute ago, but who knows how long it would last?

What was so offensive in my message? I dunno, I guess I laughed at their paranoia a little too much. What I tried to point out to them is that replacing Rehnquest and O’Connor with Roberts and Alito is an almost imperceptible shift to the right. It will only matter on the most esoteric of cases.

But what may have gotten their goat is when I said that they really need to be worried about Stevens retiring and being replaced by Janice Rogers Brown. I’m guessing that was like waving a red flag in front of a bull to the radicals who run Daily KOS.

Still, does anyone see the irony in Daily KOS, who routinely accuses the Bush administration of attempting to silence dissent, censoring messages just because they don’t like the position being put forward? Does it surprise you?