– Senate confirms Alito to the Supreme Court – Jan 31, 2006

Final vote was 58 – 42 which is an absolute travesty of justice for such a distinguished and capable jurist. The Democratic party continues to prove that they are essentially the party of abortion above and beyond all other issues.

Now Sandra Day O’Connor can retire. Which is fine with me, she’s been a reasonably competent SCOTUS justice, some of her opinions were excellent, but by and large her judicial philosophy has been incoherent, unpredicatable and in many cases, indecipherable even after it was written, not just before.

Here are the current ages of the remaining members of the SCOTUS.

John G. Roberts, Jr. – Just turned 51 this week.
John Paul Stevens – Will turn 86 on April 20
Antonin Scalia – Will turn 70 on March 11
Anthony Kennedy – Will turn 70 on July 23
David Hackett Souter – Will turn 67 on September 17
Clarence Thomas – Will turn 58 on June 23
Ruth Bader Ginsberg – Will turn 73 on March 15 (beware the Ides of March!!)
Steven Breyer – Will turn 68 on August 15

If I did the math right (age info from SCOTUS bio page)

So John Paul Stevens is 16 years older than the next oldest justice and would be the most likely one to retire in the next few years. Then it’s Ginsberg before Scalia.

The youngest are Roberts, now Alito and Thomas, all by nearly a decade or more.

Stevens’ retirement is very possible in the next few years. If he does retire while Bush is still in office, you will see the entire liberal population of this country go into mass hysteria. It will be a sight to behold.