Daily Kos: We Are F***ed

This is about the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I couldn’t possibly be more eloquent about the state of affairs in the fever swamp.

WARNING this link is not family-safe. It’s from Daily KOS and if you aren’t used to the nuttery and profanity that is commonplace there, perhaps you shouldn’t go there.

If you do decide to follow the link, check out the comments. They are priceless. It has become impossible to lampoon the left. They are beyond the ridiculous and well into the sublime.

The most common diatribe is to do physical harm to the Democrats who voted for cloture with Republicans. Others include moving to Canada (oops, they’ve just elected a conservative government there too, maybe New Zealand?), starting a third party (but didn’t Democrats voting for Ralph Nader put Bush in the White House orginally?), protesting against the DNC, and my favorite of all, starting a new Democrat party led by Howard Dean. HAH!!