So here’s an illustration of a very common fish in southern rivers and reservoirs:

It’s called a “needelnose gar” or at least that’s what it is called in northwest Louisiana where I used to do a lot of fishing. They live in close proximity to these fish:

This is called an “alligator gar” for I think rather obvious reasons.

Somehow CNN has a front-page link to a video report of someone catching a “snake-gator-fish” monster as if this is an odd, unknown or bizarre fish. This, to me, is like putting a front-page photo of a squirrel on CNN and running a story with the headline “Rat-fox-bunny steals peanuts from child!”

I would suggest that this sort of thing challenges CNN’s credibility, but that would presume that CNN HAD any credibility, which they don’t. And as if things couldn’t get any worse, they talk to some “expert” who mis-identifies the needle-nose gar as an alligator gar. A mistake nobody who has ever done anything on a lake or river in Louisiana or any other southern state would make.

How can an editor approve a story like this? What a joke.