Or however you spell it.

It has come to be the expectation with Pixar movies that they be of the utmost quality, have the highest standards of animation and writing, and appeal both to young children and adults alike.

And if you don’t find the fundamental premise of Wall*e supremely insulting and anti-capitalist, then you might find it a great movie. It’s certainly getting great reviews.

If you get past that part of the movie, then it’s everything a Pixar movie usually is. It’s fun, engaging, witty, intelligent, beautifully produced, all of the things you wish every movie should be. I just found it hard to get past the basic underlying story. Still, it’s pretty good summer fare and I suppose humans in Wall*e are no more and probably somewhat less evil than humans in Bambi, and civilization survived Bambi, so what’s the big deal. Go watch it and have fun.