Obama promised to participate in the public funding process for his campaign should he get the nomination. His purpose in making the promise was to lay claim to an “even playing field” where the campaigns would be limited to a maximum amount of spending.

But now that he realizes that by breaking that promise he can outspend McCain by a 4 to 1 margin (at least) he sees no sense in keeping such a stupid promise.

Welcome to the “new” politics. Sure smells a lot like the “old” politics to me.

ABC News: Obama: The $500 Million Dollar Man?
Sen. Barack Obama’s decision to forgo public financing for his presidential campaign clears the way for him to outspend Sen. John McCain by 3-to-1 or substantially more in the general election, a financial edge that dramatically rewrites the playbooks for both candidates.

I used to think that Bill Clinton had been the ultimate in having a public image that was completely at odds with his private personality, but Obama makes Clinton look like a piker. Obama is as calculating, as sneaky, and opportunistic, and possibly as corrupt as any politician I’ve ever seen, and he continues to dance through the media with this image of a “new” sort of politics.

Even this story says he “seems” to have broken a promise. I am pretty sure they would not have put such a weasel word in front of a McCain broken promise…