FT.com / World – US fears over A.Q. Khan nuclear ring
The US is concerned that the illicit network set up by Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan may have distributed designs for nuclear warheads as well as uranium enrichment technology.

Stephen Hadley, US national security adviser, told reporters on Sunday: “We are very concerned about the A.Q. Khan network, both in terms of what they were doing by purveying enrichment technology and also the possibility that there would be weapons-related technology associated with it.”

His comments followed reports in the New York Times and the Washington Post claiming that the Khan network possessed plans for a nuclear warhead compact enough to be fitted on to a ballistic missile.

The reports raised the possibility that these designs could have been shared with states such as Iran and North Korea. Such technology would make it easier to transform nuclear material into an effective nuclear weapon.

Not me.

I think part of the appeal of an Obama Presidency to the Left is that they are in complete denial about the sort of world we live in.