Yeah, I know it’s only been a few days since update #2…

I haven’t actually spent that much time on WoW the last few days. I was on and off last night while doing chores and getting ready for the Cosmic Wife’s return. But I didn’t really do anything but some mining and some help for another player who is starting a character on the same server. The night before I did some significant questing for three hours or so, and as such I managed to advance to level 30, but I’m no longer pushing myself or my character to rush up the level advancement tree. I’m feeling sort of comfortable at level 30, it’s high enough to feel safe while roaming around most places, but low enough to still feel like there are still lots of mountains to climb. I’m in no rush now to get to level 60+, but I do still feel a sense of some urgency to get up to level 39 so I can partner up with jSullins’ druid and engage in some activities such as player vs. player arena stuff.

I’ve now gotten my skills to be more or less level-appropriate for my character so I can make some fairly nice armor and weapons. I’m making some cash selling that on the auction site, which also makes me feel a bit more comfortable playing the game.

My main activity going forward is going to be much more analytical and pragmatic. My goal is to maximize my character’s level-appropriate combat abilities. In other words I am now far more interested in being the BEST level 30 rogue I can be than I am in moving on to level 31. My experience in PvP was humiliating enough, I don’t intend to repeat it. Next time I engage in PvP I intend to be competitive. This does mean lots of practice with different techniques and attack combinations to see how to maximize their potential, so that will keep me moving up the level tree, but that’s no longer the goal, it’s more gravy.

I also started another character with the intention of having it available to group with the Cosmic Daughter’s character or other similar level characters. It’s a little gnome mage that is just so goofy that I can’t quite take the character seriously. It’s quite interesting to play a gnome. You start out in an area heavily populated with dwarfs, and it is a new experience to have dwarfs loom over you like some sort of hulking behemoth. Regular humans or elves will likely appear to be gigantic monsters whose heads disappear into the clouds. Of course in the interest of fairness gnomes move as fast as any other character, but because of their perspective it feels like you are really zipping along at a fast rate, while my night elf seems to be strolling along at a leisurely gait in comparison.

I think I’m more or less done with the heavy up-front time investment to get my first character to a decent playable level. Sure I’d like to have a 65th level rogue, but I’m no longer in any great hurry to get there.