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So, Stonehenge is in the news again. Why there is this fascination for ancient civilizations is a mystery to me.

Well, that’s not true, I am fascinated with ancient civilizations too, and I am intensely interested in the sorts of societies early human civilizations created, especially those that survived and prospered for some time.

But why so many modern people have to romanticize and mysticize such civilizations is a complete and unending mystery to me. Isn’t it enough to know and appreciate that our ancestors managed to survive in a hostile world with very little technology to provide them with the means to live a “good” life? Why do people have to believe that there was some mystical, supernatural connection in such societies, or that there was some deep, now-hidden magic involved. Or worse, that there was some visitation by space aliens or whatever?

All of these things, in my humble opinion, seriously belittle the accomplishments and therefore the actual lives of our ancestors. Ancient druidic peoples of Britain did not survive through magic, alien intervention or the good graces of animistic gods. They survived through the application of hard work, quick wits and social structures that enabled them to not only meet their subsistence needs, but allowed them to embark on (literally) MONUMENTAL works of civil engineering that make us shake our heads in wonder to this day. I want to appreciate and acknowledge their skill, their intelligence and their determination, and I am not going to belittle them by suggesting that they were “helped” by anyone external.