My life has become so frenetic of late I can barely keep up with it. A daughter’s wedding, big projects at work, business travel, a college graduation, and the imminent depature of my son for Mongolia have made the past several months an expensive, memorable whirlwind of life-changing happenings. My head is spinning as I try to soak it all in, fully appreciate the special moments, and commit them to an increasingly faulty memory.

But, it’s all good. All these things going on around me are the good things, the best things, life has to offer us. My oldest daughter is now a happily married woman and the proud owner of a college diploma. Soon she’ll be slapping mosquitoes in Mobile, Alabama. My second child is on track to graduate from college this time next year and is currently going to school in Hawaii. If a beach is involved, she’s all over it. My son will soon be serving his fellow being in the exotic land of Mongolia. It takes a special kid to make such a sacrifice and take on such a challenge. I am proud of him. My youngest son is wondering where all his siblings are going. These changes feel like they are coming at us at light speed and my youngest feels like he’s being left behind. In a sense he is, but it’s just part of time marching on…

Of course, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Nothing. It’s all good. Someday in the not too distant future we will look back on these chaotic, eventful days and say to ourselves: ‘those truly were the best of times’.