NASA is actually looking into do something I have been advocating for years. They are considering the option to take a good, up-close look at an asteroid.

Closer encounter: Nasa plans landing on 40m-wide asteroid travelling at 28,000mph | Science | The Guardian
It was once considered the most dangerous object in the universe, heading for Earth with the explosive power of 84 Hiroshimas. Now an asteroid called 2000SG344, a lump of rock barely the size of a large yacht, is in the spotlight again, this time as a contender for the next giant leap for mankind.

Nasa engineers have identified the 1.1m tonne asteroid, which in 2000 was given a significant chance of slamming into Earth, as a potential landing site for astronauts, ahead of the Bush administration’s plans to venture deeper into the solar system with a crewed voyage to Mars.

This could be a major turning point in space travel if it works out the way I think it will. Stay tuned to this one. Remember my prediction about the richest man on earth eventually being the one who lassos and mines a near-earth asteroid?