OK, we’ve basically had the Yaris for about 36 hours now. That means I’ve driven it home, the Cosmic Daughter has driven it to school and back, the Cosmic Wife has driven it to pick up the Cosmic Son and get some Cosmic groceries… and I’ve driven it to work. The car was filled up at the dealer when we picked it up (which was good because I had about an equal amount of gas in the trade-in).

So here are the distances, to within a mile or so each…
Dealer -> Home = 42 miles
Home -> College = 43 miles
College -> Home = 43 miles
Home -> School = 9 miles
School -> Grocery Store = 20 miles
Grocery Store -> Home = 13 miles
Home -> Work = 49 miles
That’s a total of 219 miles, give or take a mile. (I wasn’t smart enough to set the trip odomoter when we bought the car…) In my old Pathfinder, with an 18 gallon tank, that would put me a bit below half a tank of gas. The Yaris is showing 5/8 full, but it has a digital gas meter so “5/8” means anywhere from “5/8” to “1/2”. I hate that, but oh well. Since it went from 3/4 to 5/8 about 20 miles ago, I’m assuming it’s still closer to 5/8 than 1/2… I’ll call it 9/16 full.

Of course I have no way of knowing if the meter is accurate or if the first four bars represent the same amount of gas as the last four bars, but assuming they do, that would mean that the range of the car would be about 500 miles.

The gas tank is supposed to be 11.1 gallons. That would mean I’m getting right at 45 mpg.

We’ll see if that holds up. If so that would be incredible!