I feel bad. I have tried to keep my eyes on Global Warming hysteria for a while, but clearly I have not had my eye on the ball in the last six months.

Because six months ago NASA very quietly “corrected” their temperature data because of some errors that the blogger I linked below found in their methodology and their data. Read that blog. Here’s the short of it.

For years we have been told algorentian lies about global warming. One of those has been the well-worn canard that “eight of the last ten years are the hottest on record.” Well, here’s NASA’s actual data for the hottest ten years on recod:

Year Annual mean delta
1934 1.24
1998 1.24
2006 1.15
1921 1.13
1931 1.08
1917 1.07
1999 0.94
1953 0.9
1990 0.88
1938 0.85

(“Annual mean delta” means the difference in the mean temperature for the year and the average temperature of all the years we have data for.) Notice that the newly corrected data shows a fairly wide distribution of temperature, and 1998 is not even the hottest anymore, 1934 ties it. Yes, I said 1934 not 2004 which isn’t even in the top ten. In fact if you go back ten years to 1999, only two years appear in the top ten, not eight. If you go back 20 years to 1989 you get four in the top ten. Again, not eight.

So why isn’t this known? Why do Global Warming Alarmists still go out screeching that every year is hotter than the last?

I guess they don’t care about the data, do they?

Watts Up With That?: 1998 no longer the hottest year on record in USA
1998 no longer the hottest year on record in USA
Here’s a story of scientific investigation and discovery I’m proud to have had a small part in.

Regular readers may remember that I posted about a climate station in Detroit Lakes MN last week, surveyed by volunteer Don Kostuch, and cross posted it to the website http://www.climateaudit.org/?p=1828#comments that had two air conditioner units right next to it. It looked like an obvious cause and effect because in 1999 on May 5th, it was determined that the a/c units were moved off the roof of the radio station where this station resides and moved them to the ground where the temperature sensor is close by.