Of all the deadly sins, pride is the worst. Pride of the sort that manifests itself as ultimate arrogance is the worst sort of pride. Roger Clemens is simply oozing arrogance. As I said many times, he does not realize what he has just done. His life is about to get very, very unpleasant.

Lying to congress is not something that you can do lightly. There are too many people in congress who would just love to have their career resume include “nailed lying pitcher with perjury charge.”

And right now Clemens has the double whammy of having mostly the Democrats after him. You know, the party that controls congress? Yeah that party.

Clemens troubles are only now just beginning, and when we get to the end of this, I don’t think it’s going to be Brian McNamee who ends up compared to the Black Sox as one of baseball’s most tarnished figures.

I’d be sad about it if I hadn’t always said this was exactly the sort of person Clemens is. As nasty as it is about to be, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving pitcher.

ESPN – Committee memo specifies Clemens’ ‘implausible’ testimony – MLB
An 18-page memorandum compiled by congressional staff members provides a damning analysis of statements given under oath by Roger Clemens — underscoring a perjury case that could be looming for the seven-time Cy Young winner.

The document, released Wednesday by Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, lists “seven sets of assertions” Clemens made during his Feb. 5 deposition and Feb. 13 testimony that are “implausible” or “appear to be contradicted by other evidence before the Committee.” (Read the complete memorandum here.)

The memo is described as an analysis created by majority staffers at the request of Waxman, whose committee has played a central role in investigating performance-enhancing drug use by professional and Olympic athletes. Earlier this month, the committee took depositions and heard testimony from, among others, Clemens and his former personal trainer Brian McNamee, who described the pitcher’s extensive use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Notice, btw, that there is not a single mention of investigating Brian McNamee for perjury. Only Clemens.