I have dedicated my life to nuturing, supporting, protecting and loving my kids. I may have been too invested, if that is possible, because the prospect of an empty nest is frankly a gloomy prospect for both me and my wife.

I know, we need to get a life and I’m certain we eventually will. But for now, we are feeling a bit sad. Three of our four children are no longer living at home. It’s just too quiet around here.

Last week, my oldest daughter was married. It was a wonderful, happy occasion. Over 200 people were in attendance. We had family members fly in from Montana, Florida, New York, California, Utah, and Louisiana. And, of course, many of our friends here in Arizona came to the festivities. And that was just our side of the family.

I gave my daughter away as is customary, and I offered a father’s toast during which I became a blubbering fool. The women loved it; the men no doubt thought I was a sentimental weenie. No matter, it was heartfelt and sincere.

My daughter and I later had our traditional dance together. We danced to this song, a song that will forever reduce me to a blubbering fool whenever I hear it…

Daughter #2 tells us she has wedding plans in the next year or so, although nothing is yet official. Good thing. I need some time to get over the first wedding. 😉