…is that they are like roaches. They breed and multiply in the dark crevices of rhetoric, but are skewered and crushed in the harsh light of truth.

If this is true it is going to be very, very bad for Roger Clemens. Much worse than he has any idea of after a life of privilege and adulation. Becoming the target of a Congressional perjury investigation is nothing like having his ERA scrutinized. He better hope this photo is not definitive.

ESPN – Report: Man has photo of Clemens at disputed Canseco party – MLB
The 1998 party at Jose Canseco’s house in Miami may have started out as a gathering of friends and family. It has turned into an event worthy of congressional testimony and a source of “evidence.”

There is a photo of Roger Clemens at Canseco’s house during the June 1998 party, according to the New York Daily News — a photo that would contradict Clemens’ sworn testimony that he never attended the party.

Richard Emery, one of the lawyers for Clemens’ former trainer, Brian McNamee, said he was aware of the existence of the photo. “We have reason to believe it’s reliable evidence,” Emery told the Daily News. “We believe there’s photographic evidence that shows Clemens was at a party he says he wasn’t at.”