I didn’t see this, I had long ago stopped watching the Denver game, but apparently when Jay Cutler threw an incomplete pass on a fourth down, the Chargers sidelines, including QB Philip Rivers, opened up on him with some serious trash-talking. Now Champ Bailey is coming to his rescue and talking about how low-class it was.

Now, a couple of thoughts on this.

1. I thought trash-talking was a time-honored aspect of professional football. In fact I am sure that I have seen players lauded for their ability to trash-talk the opposition. Since when did trash-talk become a bad thing? I must have missed the memo.

2. If Champ Bailey is coming out in defense of Cutler, the trash-talking must have been pretty effective. Otherwise why would anyone be talking about it now? To me that implies that Cutler was pretty upset about it. I’m pretty sure that Tony Romo got a lot of trash talk about Jessica Simpson last weekend. In fact I know he did because he joked about it after the game. I can only imagine the kind of nasty comments Romo had to shake off directed at him, his relationship and Jessica herself. I haven’t heard anyone coming out and rescuing Romo.

3. I’m pretty sure that if there was trash-talking of Cutler that more than a little of it was instigated by exactly the ESPN story that I’ve been discussing here on this blog. In my first post on the subject of “Jay Cutler, elite-QB” I pointed out that, among others, Philip Rivers was likely to read that and react to it. So I am simply assuming that he did. What sort of trash-talking was there? I would bet that “Hey Mr. Elite Quarterback!” was part of it.

I have to say that Bailey’s defense of Cutler is probably having the opposite effect he intended. It is just making Cutler look like a little boy whose feelings have been hurt. If I were Bailey (a player who has been noted for his own trash-talking in the past) I would tell Cutler to suck it up and deal with it. It’s part of the game.

ESPN – After perceived slight at Cutler, Bailey responds to Rivers’ actions – NFL
But Bailey says there was no defense for Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers’ sideline taunting of Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler in the fourth quarter of Monday night’s 23-3 Broncos loss in San Diego.

The video has made the rounds of the highlight shows near and far, but after an incomplete pass on fourth down in the fourth quarter, Rivers — as well as linebackers Shaun Phillips and Matt Wilhelm — clearly can be seen jawing at Cutler from the San Diego sideline.

But it was the Chargers quarterback who drew the Broncos’ ire.