San Diego 23, Denver 3.
11 of 28 for 126 yards, zero touchdowns and one interception.

Hold on, he just completed a pass for eleven yards. So 12 of 29 for 137 yards.

3:55 left in the game.

Yeah, he’s the man alright…

Oops. Threw another interception… Definitely climbing up the food chain…

Game over, Cutler’s stats: 14 of 32 for 155 yards and two interceptions.

Philip Rivers, who was one of the several “young quarterbacks” left in Cutler’s wake in the ESPN slobberfest about Cutler’s bona fides as a quarterback? 17 of 25 for 189 yards and a touchdown. Not stellar, but roughly twice as good in quarterback rating as Cutler…

As I said, maybe one day Cutler will be the guy. In the meantime there are four or five “young quarterbacks” who are NOW “the man” for their teams while Cutler is mired in mediocreville. I am not down on Cutler, as I said I’m a Denver fan and I hope for the best, but week after week I see Cutler doing the same things Jake Plummer did, and performing well below the “Brian Greise” line in Denver, and yet he is still hailed as the “quarterback of the future” by “the experts.”

Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe these other less gifted quarterbacks are more interested in being “the quarterback of NOW” and just winning games and getting to the playoffs instead. They’ll regret that one day, I’m sure.

UPDATE: He fumbled once too.