So, I’ve been going round and round with Dadman on whether the hyper-exaggeration of Hillary’s posterior and thighs is a fair characterization of her in a caricature. I have said that from any realistic analysis Hillary is quite slim for a 60 year old woman. Dadman asserts that her butt and thighs are big enough to be fair game for the caricaturist.

Here are some recent photos of Hillary, do you think she’s got a butt and thighs big enough to be fairly singled out for ridicule in her caricatures?

This one I think is particularly good since the woman next to her is probably about her age, and yet appears to me to be significantly larger in hip and thigh.

This one might support Dadman a little better, in those slacks her butt does look big, but bigger than other women her age? I still don’t think so.

And finally in her classic Salmon Pantsuit (TM). She must be on the way to something serious, she always wears salmon when she wants to deflect criticism.

Judge for yourself. The girth of our President’s posterior and thighs is of critical national security importance. 😉