ESPN – Mosley: Cowboys’ Romo performs high-wire act – NFL
IRVING, Texas — Halftime was approaching Sunday at Texas Stadium and Tony Romo had performed his best impression of a mere mortal.

But then the Dallas Cowboys quarterback produced one of those you-gotta-see-it plays to add to his growing legend. In the process, he drained the staggering St. Louis Rams of any life, any hope of an upset.

I still can’t seem to stop rooting for the Cowboys. With the Denver Broncos 2 – 2 (and probably could easily have been 0 – 4) I’ve been enjoying the Patriots, the Colts and, yes, the Cowboys games more than the Broncos this year. (Yes, I rooted for the Broncos today when the Colts pummeled them unmercifully). This is the first year the Cowboys have started 4 – 0 since 1995, which was their last Super Bowl season.

They’ve scored 35 points +/- a few every week, and I think they lead the league in scoring this year. As if that’s not enough to smile at, their defense has steadily improved every week. Today the only score that St. Louis made was a punt return. The defense threw a shutout.

But the ongoing story of the Cowboys has to be Tony Romo. I posted a couple of messages about his improbable rise to glory last year, and this year it just keeps going.

Tom Brady leads the league in quarterback rating, but Romo is in the group just behind Brady. The difference between the two is that Brady’s pass completion is higher and his interceptions are lower, but then again, he’s got three legit superstars to throw the ball to, and Romo only has one. Switch the two of them to the other team, and perhaps their stats would switch as well.

There is a major difference between the two though. Romo is pure exuberance and emotion, he plays his heart out every game. Brady is the surgeon, the mentat-computer who performs like a clockwork quarterback. But both are scoring around 35 points per game.

How long can Romo keep this up? Is he the real deal? Is his name going to be in the same conversations as Manning (Peyton, not Eli), Brady, Brees or Palmer? If he keeps this up, it’s hard to see how it won’t be.

Next week the Cowboys play Buffalo. Of course there’s always the “any given Sunday” deal to worry about, but if Romo continues to pick apart bad defenses the way he has been, and the Cowboys defense continues to dominate on the field, it is completely possible for the Cowboys to put up another 35 points against Buffalo.

If that happens, the Cowboys could be 5 – 0 and brimming with confidence when they meet none other than the New England Patriots in week 6, in Dallas.

I’m figuring that a lot of people are starting to circle that date as the day we discover how good Romo really is, or isn’t.