The Padres lost their last two. The Mets lost their final game. The Phillies won the East, so the Rockies don’t need to worry about them anymore.

So it’s down to the Padres and the Rockies who will play a playoff to become the wild card winner of the National League on Monday.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s post-season play. It’s a game in October and it’s a game beyond the 162 regular season games. So by my reckoning the 2007 Rockies made the playoffs.

Woohoo!!! And they won 13 of their final fourteen to do it. San Diego may have their likely Cy Young winning Ace Jake Peavey on the mound on Monday, but they cannot be confident after losing their last two and six of their last ten. I said it would take a historic collapse of at least two teams for the Rockies to make the playoffs, and I think the Padres and the Mets delivered. In fact I wasn’t even looking at the Mets ten games ago because I thought they had sewn up the East and I thought the Phillies would have to collapse. It didn’t occur to me that the Mets would out-collapse the Phillies and end up out of the playoffs while the Phillies went on to win the East.

So tomorrow is the biggest day in Colorado baseball history since 1995. I would LOVE to see them whip Jake Peavey to get to the playoffs.

But just to have gotten this far is enough for me to say “How ’bout them Rockies!!”