A left-leaning (he claims to be moderate) colleague at work excitedly reported to me this past Friday that he had the opportunity to hear a lecture by Alan Weisman, author of a new book called The World Without Us. I listened with a polite smile on my face to his exclamations of how interesting, inspired, thought-provoking, erudite, etc. Weisman’s thought experiment was. After hearing only a little of what he had to say, it became very clear to me that this book is just another exercise in liberal self-loathing.

You see, in the mind of a liberal human beings are really nothing more than filthy, wasteful, selfish, violent, boorish, worthless, destructive, over-abundant creatures with little redeeming value. We are a pox on the face of mother earth, a nasty virus that needs to be eradicated, or at the very least, contained and more strictly controlled. Failure to control this virus that is humanity will surely result in imminent catastrophe. Global warming hysteria is only one manifestation of this mentality.

Liberals love to fantasize about a world without people, well, people who are not them. From the book’s reviews…

Publisher’s Weekly – Weisman’s enthralling tour of the world of tomorrow explores what little will remain of ancient times while anticipating, often poetically, what a planet without us would be like.

So, we should look forward to a world without humans with poetic anticipation? Interesting.

The New Yorker – After thousands of years, the Chunnel, rubber tires, and more than a billion tons of plastic might remain, but eventually a polymer-eating microbe could evolve, and, with the spectacular return of fish and bird populations, the earth might revert to Eden.

I don’t fully understand the self-loathing that is evident on the left. It’s almost pathological. As a conservative, I certainly have moments (usually when I’m stuck in traffic or standing in line) when I think a few less people might be a good thing, but I don’t fantasize about it or formulate academic arguments that advocate the benefits of reducing or eliminating human populations. In my view, what good is Eden if no one is there to appreciate it?