Rockies won. Arizona lost. Rockies and Philadelphia are tied for the wild card one game behind San Diego, and San Diego is one game behind Arizona for the Division lead.

This has to be some kind of bizarre dream. The Colorado Rockies do NOT win ten games in a row. It just doesn’t happen. I think perhaps they’ve hired a bunch of ringers.

Seriously though, today they won by PITCHING!?!? They won a 2 – 0 victory while being outhit 8 – 5. It’s just that most of their five hits were in one inning.

Could it be remotely possible that they could win tomorrow? I can’t believe it, but if they do, then the final home stand of the season could be un-freakin’ believable…

Wake me up when the season is over. I like this dream too much to wake up while it’s still going.