OK, so the full morning was taken up with an orientation class. I was actually fingerprinted since the company I am working for does government contract work sometimes. I wasn’t really expecting that but couldn’t come up with a reason to protest. And of course the main reason not to protest was because I have already quit my old job. 😉

I don’t yet have a computer, so I can’t do much but take notes in meetings. But it’s clear that there’s a ton of work and a lot of opportunity in the new job. It’s not software development, but then I haven’t written any software at work in a long time. For the most part my immediate assignments look to be very much coordinating multiple projects and keeping things on track and on budget.

The Internet Access rules (as written in the employee handbook) are pretty draconian. In fact they are so draconian that, as written, they would make it a violation of corporate policy to check the weather or traffic, or even to check the news. I am certain that this is not how it is actually managed though, but as the new guy, I’m not going to be rocking the boat or taking any chances, so you probably won’t see many blog posts from me during the day for a while (hopefully a short while).