ESPN – Bryant: Vick’s plea deal comes with baggage – NFL

As a player, I found Michael Vick’s game to be all about Michael Vick. He has built a lucrative career as a sports celebrity while leading his team to zero super bowls and, I believe, only a single playoff victory. His career completion percentage is an anemic 53%. His style of play is flashy and fun to watch, but the results of his efforts do not seem to compare favorably with other quarterbacks.

As a person I have always thought Michael Vick was a typical self-obsessed super-jock who felt he was above criticism, above the fans, and now we see, above the law.

In all of his flashy and very public football career, his game has always been about Michael Vick. It will be interesting to see if the threat of jail will cause him to work with federal authorities to take down even more shady figures in the world of dog fighting. It is clear to me that personal responsibility, morality, or a sense of “doing the right thing” is not enough to get Michael Vick to cooperate with authorities. But perhaps the fear of hard time in prison might finally get Michael Vick to do something positive for someone besides himself.

We’ll see.