Honey, They Shrunk The ….Times? Smaller ‘NYT’ Coming on Monday
NEW YORK Over the years, The New York Times has tended to think big, but tomorrow it will have to adapt to a new smaller-is- beautiful era.

In a front page note to readers this morning, the paper stated that the print edition they will hold tomorrow will be decidedly more compact.

Beginning Monday, the Times “will reduce the width of its pages by an inch and a half,” to a 12-inch standard, the paper declared.

When the company announced the coming size change in June 2006, Times Editor Bill Keller wrote in a staff memo the reduction would shrink the news hole by 11%.

Well, I’ve been looking for improvements to the NY Times for a long time. I guess this means 11% fewer national security secrets published, 11% fewer fawning stories on Democratic candidates, and 11% fewer false stories about the military or Republicans. That’s gotta be a good thing.