So, recently Rosie O’Donnell embarrassed herself so thoroughly by showing her unbelievable ignorance that she received the standard Leftist punishment.

She’s now a hero and will soon have her own TV show.

One of the many monumentally ignorant statements that Rosie uttered on public TV was that the 9/11 attack was “the first time that fire melted steel.” This, of course, allied her with the “9/11 Truthers” an organization committed to the principle that the laws of physics are just another opinion that are probably aligned with McBushChimpyHitler somehow.

I wonder if someone should take her out to the recent collapse of the freeway leading to the Oakland Bay Bridge and ask her if the same demolition team that collapsed the Towers also were at work in Oakland, and the burning gasoline truck was just another convenient diversion.

You would think that one news organization somewhere would play Rosie’s famous remarks while they showed video of the freeway collapse as the steel softened and gave way.

But that would be using the news to further actual public knowledge and promote general awareness of truth, justice and the American way. So don’t count on it.