I am a fairly frequent commenter on one of the larger blogs in the blogosphere, “Dean’s World.” Dean was the first and is still the largest blog who put me on their blogroll, so I owe him a debt of gratitude. Dean’s World still sends me about 8% of my traffic on a daily basis.

There are frequent threads on Dean’s World debating the War on Terror. Dean is generally supportive of the war, but he has frequently complained that many conservatives are closet (or overt) Islamophobes, a term he throws about fairly loosely in my opinion. Because of this his own commenters (including me) have given him a lot of grief over his willingness to attack people who disagree with him on the subject. In fact some of these threads have spilled over into larger blog-wars as other blogs get pulled in.

Well, Dean has apparently had enough. His latest post has defined a set of criteria that you must agree to if you want to post or comment on Dean’s World. Here they are:

1) Islam does not represent the forces of Satan or the Anti-Christ bent on destruction of the Christian world.

2) There is no 1,400 year old “war with the West/Christianity” being waged by Muslims or anyone else.

3) Islam as a religion is no more inherently incompatible with modernity, minority rights, women’s rights, or democratic pluralism than most religions.

4) Medieval, anachronistic, obscure terms like “dhimmitude” or “taqiyya” are suitable for polite intellectual discussion. They are not and never will be appropriate to slap in the face of everyday Muslims or their friends.

5) Muslims have no more need to prove that they can be good Americans, loyal citizens, decent people, or enemies of terrorism than anyone else does.

I objected in principle to #3 particularly, my comments are on the thread if you want to read them. I also objected to the wording of #2 because it doesn’t allow for the existence of significant elements in Islam who are acknowledged to be at war with the West (like, say, Al Qada for instance).

Go check it out and see what you think.

I’m waiting to see if Dean throws me off.