Clintons’ Charity Not Listed On Senate Disclosure Forms –
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and former president Bill Clinton have operated a family charity since 2001, but she failed to list it on annual Senate financial disclosure reports on five occasions.

The Ethics in Government Act requires members of Congress to disclose positions they hold with any outside entity, including nonprofit foundations. Hillary Clinton has served her family foundation as treasurer and secretary since it was established in December 2001, but none of her ethics reports since then have disclosed that fact.

The Clinton Family Foundation, created in 2001, was seeded with more than $5 million in personal money. It was not listed on Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s financial disclosure forms.
The foundation has enabled the Clintons to write off more than $5 million from their taxable personal income since 2001, while dispensing $1.25 million in charitable contributions over that period.

Of course, if this were a Republican, it would be evidence of corruption. It’s good to be a Democrat.