Man, that’s some pretty great champagne powder snow falling out there. Over six inches of it so far. I’ve shoveled twice already to try to keep from having to kill myself tomorrow morning. It’s still falling hard. By the time I finished my second shovel episode (probably about 30 minutes or so) another half-inch at least had fallen at the top of the driveway. So I swept all that off and by the time I finished that, another half inch had fallen. I figure that the sweet spot for shoveling is about 3 inches, so I decided even sweeping a half inch while another half inch falls is probably not a good strategy. So back inside to watch more snow fall.

It is great snow though, little crystals, the kind that “swish” instead of “crunch” when you walk in the deeper snow. It’s hard to make snowballs with this kind of snow, it’s so light and dry (yes, I realize the irony of calling something made of water “dry” but there it is).

I haven’t done anything to clear off the deck, that will be tomorrow’s chore.

Not a bad drive home from work tonight though, considering the snow was already sticking to the roads. Probably took me an extra half-hour, which is pretty good compared to the extra four hours it took me last time we had a major snowfall. Ahhh the joy of living in the middle of the Rocky Mountains…

Gonna be some hap hap happy skiers this week. If the snow in the resorts is anything like what I’m getting, it’s gonna be sweet to ski on.