Here’s my list, based on immediate recognition in today’s culture (no ad jingles included), and their routine usage in everyday conversation to make a specific point:

  1. Beam Me Up Scottie! [Get me outta here fast.]
  2. D’oh! [I just committed an obviously stupid act.]
  3. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. [Um… I’m really politically correct, really.]
  4. Book ’em Dan-o! [You’re going up the river, dude!]
  5. No soup for you! [You will receive no consideration from me.]
  6. I pity the fool! [There will be an accounting for their transgressions.]
  7. Isn’t that special? [My, aren’t you incredibly self-absorbed?]
  8. I’m a Doctor, not a plumber! [That is not in my area of expertise]
  9. Is that your final answer? [Are you finished equivocating yet?]
  10. You have been voted off the island. [Your company is no longer appreciated]

Any others to add? It feels I’m overlooking the rich potential of Loony Tunes cartoons. (“What a Maroon!”)