Actually, I haven’t been feeling it in a long, long time. Politics isn’t fun anymore. It’s depressing and mind-numbing. The political observations I make here are really no longer meaningful in any way other than sometimes giving me a chance to vent, and I think I’m learning that even the venting is counter-productive.

I’m going to put this on hiatus for a while. Maybe forever. For the half-dozen or so people who still occasionally check this blog out, I sincerely appreciate your willingness to visit and sometimes comment here. I think there’s a lot of really good discussion and wisdom in the comments and I’ve learned a lot.

But my life is “moving on” to use a Steven King “Dark Tower” reference. I’m really no longer the “cosmic conservative” anyway, being much less of both adjectives, and very little of the two combined.

I am going to focus my efforts from here forward on getting my writing career under way. I’ve finally realized that writing is just about the only job that I can think of that truly fulfills an inner need of mine. Losing my job this summer has made me realize I don’t have the energy or motivation to keep chasing that corporate golden ring, and chasing it wasn’t doing anything but wearing my mind, body, spirit and soul out. If I can write for 1/2 of the money I make today, I am certain I’d be a thousand times happier and more fulfilled.

And while this blog has been one of my primary “writing” outlets for a long time, it has not really been writing of the sort that I can turn into a career.

So, at least for now, this is so long, and thanks for all the fish.