Yep, that’s what we have in the AFC championship game. Another match up between two of the best QBs in the history of the game.

In the NFC we have Russell Wilson vs Colin Kaepernick.

I find this to be an interesting dichotomy. In the AFC we have a couple 30-something QBs whose careers are probably on their last legs, neither of whom has won a Super Bowl since, what, 2007? That’s seven years I think. At least Brady’s PLAYED IN (and lost) two since then (both to Eli Manning, in a sort of brilliant cosmic irony. Manning hasn’t even won an AFC championship since then.

Kaepernick is in his second NFC championship game in his second NFL season, and Russell Wilson was almost in last year’s NFC game too. Two rising stars in the NFL on the NFC side, and two aging first ballot HoFers in the AFC.

Anyway, much is being made of this being Brady’s worst year ever, vs Peyton’s best year ever. Much is also being made of the superstar receiving corps of the Broncos, vs the no-name cast-off receiving corps of the Patriots.

Looking at virtually every offensive statistic, it would appear that Denver is going to simply roll over New England. With the game also being at Mile High Stadium, it looks like a blowout of massive proportions is in the making.

Certainly Denver should be the heavy favorite in Vegas.

It is worth pointing out that Denver has been the favorite in the AFC to go to the Super Bowl all year, and the Patriots were not even expected to make the playoffs after losing virtually their entire receiving corps from a year ago (one critical member of whom is now a Denver Bronco).

Again, every meaningful statistic indicates that New England shouldn’t even be here, much less have any chance against Denver. My gut is that if Denver blows New England out, they will ride that emotional high to a Super Bowl victory. I also feel that if New England somehow manages to scrape out a victory, they will be crushed by either San Francisco or Seattle in the Super Bowl.

So I dunno who to root for. I typically root for the NFC in the Super Bowl just on general principles, but this year I wouldn’t mind seeing Peyton get that second SB ring. And there’s something about Kaepernick that rubs me the wrong way. If it ends up being Denver vs Seattle, I think it will be a classic battle of irresistable force vs immovable object, and while I generally think that defense wins Super Bowls, this time I think the rules have been changed to favor the offense so much that I doubt Seattle could stop Peyton enough to eke out a victory.

Maybe I’ll just watch the games and enjoy them no matter how the turn out.