The last few weeks have been very difficult for the Cosmic Clan. A slew of difficulties and challenges have been thrown our way. Here’s a short list.

  1. All four of the Cosmic Clan are employed and have job schedules to meet. We had three cars to shuffle four people around until last Friday, when one of the cars was totaled. Luckily nobody was hurt, but we are now down to two cars and don’t really have the capability (nor desire, really) to purchase a replacement vehicle. This has created a major scheduling nightmare. Luckily the Cosmic Son is able to bicycle to work, or we’d be really screwed.
  2. Health care changes are removing the Cosmic Wife from my health care plan. Because she is employed full time and CAN BE covered by her work plan, I cannot cover her on my work plan any more. This is a direct result of Obamacare and we have very little time to react to this. We may decide to go with HER health care instead of mine if we can cover everyone on hers. But she is having some health issues that introduce the possibility that she may not continue working. So a tough situation to work out with very little time. I have to do my enrollment for 2013 this week.
  3. As we were sitting in the living room the other night, watching TV, the living room curtains suddenly came crashing down. The curtain brackets had been installed in the drywall using drywall securing screws, but apparently the weight of the curtains was too much even for those, and it just came crashing down.
  4. Our main TV died that same night. It just stopped working. No explanation, no warning. Just went from being a perfectly functional TV to a TV that would not even turn on in a second. Now I have to take it in to be looked at to see if it even CAN be repaired.
  5. The Cosmic Son’s computer died.
  6. The Cosmic Wife’s Kindle Fire died.
  7. Both (remaining) cars need maintenance, and the Yaris passenger side headlight went out. I bought a replacement bulb, but literally could not figure out how to install it, so I am going to have to pay a shop to install it.
  8. Etc…

I think I hit my limit with all this as I was trying to re-secure the curtains and my glasses lens popped out and fell on the floor. At that point I looked around and started to believe in Gremlins….

Sigh… life.