It’s been a long, long time since I read “Ender’s Game”. I don’t typically reread books I’ve read, but this is a book I should have reread since then. I consider the book to be one of the top ten sci-fi books ever written, and that is high praise indeed since I have dozens of sci-fi books on my “must read” list. That means I put Ender’s Game on a par with “Dune” or “Foundation” or even “Stranger in a Strange Land.”

When I heard they were making a movie, my first thought was that this was potentially another “Dune” debacle. So much of the story is psychological or philosophical, and that is very hard to translate from paper to the silver screen. And to be fair, I doubt it was even remotely possible to capture the full scope and depth of the book.

But they did a fair job. I enjoyed the movie on multiple levels. And I would even say that the movie had some fairly decent special effects.

If I had to pick anything to be critical about, I’d say that the story was too compressed and the computer-generated battles were not well explained, leading to a sense of chaotic confusion at times. But that might be just me getting older and less able to follow the action scenes like I used to. Even so I think the story would have been better served to have been broken into two movies. That would have given more time to explore the real themes of the story.

At any rate, I liked it, and give it four pulsating bugger eggs out of five. Cosmic says “check it out.”