This Wall Street Journal story is actually a significant one that will be ignored by the mainstream media and the political power brokers who have preyed on people’s fears of trumped up Global Warming Alarmism.


What is happening is that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the U.N. body that has been at the heart of trumped up Global Warming alarmism for the past 25 years or so is retreating from their claims of doom and gloom. At least they will be if this leaked version of their next report ends up being what is published. I am sure the Michael Mann zealots within the IPCC are fighting tooth and nail to keep the IPCC from retreating at all, and they could still prevail before the official version is released. But I suspect not. I suspect that the true scientists who have had their names tied to this mess for years have finally decided that science is not served by zealotry, political favoritism and the enslavement of the name of “science” in the service of ideological goals.

The bottom line is that if this report is accurate and is what is published, the IPCC will have marched a long way to what I have been saying for years. And that is that whether Global Warming is happening or not, the role of CO2 has been highly exaggerated, the consequences have been ridiculously hyped and there are very true and compelling benefits to the world warming up a bit more, including longer and wetter growing seasons and the opening up of literally tens of thousands of square miles of previously unsuitable land for new farming areas.

The geography of the earth just happens to be such that the further north you go, the more land mass you find. That means that warming the earth up a degree or so opens up huge areas in Alaska, Canada and Russia to become suitable land for farming. And a warmer world is a wetter world, which should mean less need for irrigation.

This is the first time in 20 years that I’ve seen compelling evidence that the zealots are losing control of the narrative within the scientific community. That’s big news.