I have to admit I am loving my new toy. The iPad may not have the screen resolution of a Nexus or a Retina display iPad, but it’s 1024×768 7.9″ display had a screen resolution of about 170 dots per inch, which is more than adequate for my needs. Also, while it is not screamingly fast, it is fast enough for the things I’m using it for. Here’s a photo of an iPad mini with a Zagg keyboard, which is the setup I have.

I hope that worked, one purpose of this post was to test out if I could download an image and then upload it into a post. I think it worked.

The Zagg keyboard is small, for sure. But it’s not terribly difficult to type on. I guess it’s good that my hands aren’t huge. The main issue I have is that the tab key is to the left of the A key instead of to the left of the Q key. That’s going to take some getting used to. It’s small, so that means I find myself having to fix some typos due to the cramped nature of the keyboard, but it is infinitely superior to using the onscreen keypad or my phone’s keypad.

So far I’ve been using the iPad for about 70% of what I do with my laptop, which includes email, web surfing and reading eBooks. What I can’t really do effectively (yet) on the iPad is create content, such as writing a book. I have “Pages” which is Apple’s iPad word processor and it might be OK, but it doesn’t compare to MS Word. Also I have a lot of apps that I use on the laptop for creating images etc.

Still, this is a truly amazing little toy. It is very much like having a tiny little laptop that almost fits in your pocket. It’s just about the size of a paperback book. The keyboard is also a screen cover, so when it is folded up it protects the screen. I may get a case for it too, but I dunno.