… appears to be a bad idea…

So, we have one of these things:


It’s really pretty cool. You can make your own soda. You can buy lots of popular flavors, like coca cola, root beer, fanta, etc. Basically you carbonate some water, preferably distilled or well filtered water, and then mix in the flavor syrup and presto! Soda.

So I was sitting here drinking some iced tea and I thought… hm… I wonder what carbonated tea tastes like?

Well, take my word for it. Don’t try this at home. I just poured some iced tea into the bottle and then carbonated it. All carbonating takes is shooting high pressure CO2 into the liquid. You push the button three or four times and it saturates the water with dissolved CO2. What surprised me is how easy it is to carbonate water.

But carbonating TEA is something else again. Because after carbonating the tea, when I went to unscrew the tea from the carbonating machine, I suddenly realized that tea must create some sort of bubble creating solution, which as soon as the pressure is released, well…. sort of EXPLODES!

Yeah, explodes. Like all over my kitchen. I’m frickin’ soaked in tea. It was like a tea bomb went off.

So, as they say on TV, don’t try this at home. Trust me.