Besides making substantial progress on my novel, since I stopped playing “Grepolis” I’ve also made a lot of progress in some home maintenance activities, including yard work, garage cleanup and, the subject of this post, cleaning up the basement.

The main thing I’ve been doing in the basement is converting an entire wall (10 foot wide by 8 feet high) into shelves to hold all my cr.. er stuff. Here’s what I’m using:


Basically I’ve mounted four vertical strips of wall mounting that holds brackets you can place at any height you want, and then you can put boards across the brackets to make the shelves. I spent most of yesterday cutting, drilling, screwing, re-drilling and re-screwing to get the wall-mounted strips on the wall. The wall is a bit unusual in three ways. First, there is a three inch ledge at 44 inches high due to accommodating the actual foundation of the house. Second, there is a section of the roof that holds the conduits for our air conditioning/heating vents. Third, the lower portion of the wall and the upper portion of the wall do not have matching stud layouts. That meant I had to basically create two different layouts for the strips to get them to fit as well as I could.

Today I have to purchase the remaining brackets and all the shelves themselves. That’s probably going to be $150 or so. The vertical mounts and the brackets I’ve already purchased was $100, so in the end this will end up costing about $250. Once I have the shelves up, it should be a simple matter of just stacking all the stuff in my boxes into the shelves. I’ll post a photo when it’s all done.